Engagement Ring guide
It’s not a secret that you want to choose the best possible engagement ring, but to get “the best” means to compare and select it from several options. It might be a little bit confusing when there are so many styles, types, and settings options for a single engagement ring. Cathedral, pave, shared prongs… Don’t worry! In a few minutes, you will feel much more confident, I promise. It only looks so complicated. Keep this guide open and continue your shopping. This knowledge will stay with you to assist you in making your choice.
Wedding Ring guide
Choosing a wedding band seems like an easy task. But don’t let it mislead you. Unlike the engagement ring, this choice is not only up to you alone. This choice is going to be made together. What type of wedding ring to choose from? Which profile is more comfortable? Will it fit your taste, or should it fit the style of her ring? There are too many questions, aren’t there? No worries! This guide will help you find all the answers, and two simple rules will help you pass this battle without unnecessary losses.
Earrings guide
This ultimate guide will help you understand the most common diamond earrings styles and choose the right type of earrings backing. We will show you the most and the less preferable options and will explain the reasons to you. In six minutes, you will know what to pay attention to and what to look for, buying diamond earrings.
Bracelet guide
Armlet, bracelet, or anklet? It doesn’t matter. This ultimate bracelet guide will introduce you to the world of diamond-set bracelets. It will also teach you to make correct size measurements to make the right order online for your beloved one.
Pendant and Necklace guide
Necklace strand or pendant. It sounds easy, doesn’t it? You can see the picture, but what do the terms Choker, Opera, or Matinee terms mean in the description? Which necklace’s heart is better to choose, and what about the clasp? Which type of clasp will fit a better specific type of necklace or a pendant? How the length of the neck and the roundness of the face affect your choice? We took care to provide you all the information to make the right choice. So, you about to read the best guide for this type of jewelry.
Setting Types guide
Do you know that the diamond's visual appearance depends on the setting's type, and the same diamond will look differently in different settings? What are the “+” and the “-“ for every type of setting? This is the best guide for diamond settings. We will not only show you every type but also will explain to you all the “pros” and “cons.”
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