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A necklace is the most ancient adornment known by humans. We do not pay attention, but the necklace is still used not only as a piece of jewelry but for many other purposes and rituals in our lives; religious, ceremonial, magical, sportive, military, and even funerary.


Both sexes, males, and females always used the necklace, but it still had different meanings for each of the sexes. For males, it was a symbol of the Status - the most important thing? For a man. Social status, wealthy, religious, military, athletic - every kind of status in society. For females, the necklace was always the symbol of love and fashion, the best ways to show to the community that she is beloved and appreciated. Well, to tell the truth, it was also about the Status... a little bit, but differently. The more expensive the necklace, the more beloved and appreciated she is. At least it was supposed to mean it.

Now let's get back to the main question and understand how to choose the necklace. If you are not sure or feel confused, don't worry, we'll make it easy, follow these few simple steps.

Step 1: The type

You can meet a broad classification of necklaces, and for a non-professional, it might not be obvious. So please, forget everything you've seen. Let's make it easy! First of all, let's put aside every type of necklace that doesn't contain precious metals, diamonds, and gemstones. That's not what we will be talking about right now. All the rest of the necklaces, we can divide into three types:


A classic necklace with gemstones and diamonds usually is used for cocktails, parties, and official events. Strand has a little wider usage, but both have to fit a particular type of dressing. The pendant can be used freely instead of it, with a wide spectrum of fashions and styles. Now, you have to decide which style your adornment should fit, official, evening or business and casual.

Step 2: The type

It doesn't matter how many types of necklaces there are in the world. At the heart of every necklace, there is always one of the following three things: cord, chain, or band. Is it important? Yes, we prefer to use the metal cord, easily bent and flexible chain, and non-flexible band, but the necklace's comfort depends not only on the base type but also on its weight, thickness, and clasp. It is more important for us as for manufacture. So, you can choose whatever you like, and we'll take care of the quality.


Step 3: The clasp

Its function is to connect two sides of the necklace or a bracelet. If you wonder which one to choose for your precious item, please don't, I am asking you to let us choose it. We will select the clasp accordingly to the weight of the item and its security level.


Why do we choose a specific type of clasp instead of the other one? For example, if we create lightweight jewelry, the magnet or spring clasp may be used, but we never use a magnet clasp in our jewelry. Why? I will explain it. The magnet clasp is very convenient (maybe it can be the most convenient one), it makes good work for lightweight jewelry, but... its security level is not safe enough for our standard. You wish to ask me again - why? It's easy to explain. Usually, diamond or gemstones necklace are not designed for running. But if she suddenly needs to run somewhere, a magnetic clasp might not be secure enough. The clasp might be disconnected and to get lost. So, that's the reason we do not use a magnetic clasp. The same is about toggle clasp - it's designed for heavyweight necklaces. The toggle clasp needs stable tension to secure your item. It's very convenient and excellent for a day to day use, but if she needs to run, the chance of losing it too high.


Step 4: The length

Many people believe that the longer the necklace, the deeper should be the cleft of her dress. Please, don't follow this thought. Yes, the cleft's appropriate depth emphasizes the necklace's beauty, but the fashion doesn't require wearing the necklace above the skin only. It is used above and under the dressing. For example, a long strand of pearls is more often used above the dress and less on the naked skin, and pendants more often are worn under the shirt and seen only when the top buttons of a blouse are open.

How to choose a necklace

It depends on the individual. What does it mean? I will explain it.
We all were born different. We are tall, short, fat, thin. All of us are different. Every person is an individual. So, if we wish to accentuate our individuality, there are a few simple secrets in choosing the necklace:

Take a look at the shape of the face.
The oval shape of the face doesn't have any limitation of the necklace's length and width. The round shape of the face - collars, and chokers are not recommended. It will emphasize the fullness of the face. If you still want to purchase the choker, we recommend choosing the skinny one.


Measure the neck.
Choosing a collar or choker, please measure your neck with soft measure tape. Why? A too-tight necklace might disturb your breath and affect the blood flow to your head. If you wear too tight a necklace after a while, you will feel uncomfortable and remember the rule: your necklace should be 2 inches (5 cm) longer than your neck measurement length.

Evaluate the type of neck.
Take a look at the neck. It may be important in your choice. For a short neck, it is not recommended to choose collars and chokers. If your necklace makes her neck visually to look shorter because of the wide collar, it will not make her happy, for sure. Trust me. So, please pay attention. For a wide neck, it is not recommended to choose collars. Chokers are better to be selected very thin. A massive choker will make a wide neck to look visually wider. The slender, long neck allows you free choice of the necklace's length.

Long Neck
Standard Neck
Wide Neck

In Conclusion

Choosing the necklace, consider the shape of her face, the length and the width of her neck. If you want something for special events only - choose a necklace or strand. If you wish her to be able to wear your gift, not for special occasions, only but also daily - buy a pendant.

So, I hope these small secrets will help you make the right choice.
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