Most Commonly Asked

Return policy

Non-Refundable items

Special orders made by custom design request. Special orders are not eligible for return or exchange;
- Jewelry form Designer Collections;
- Personalized jewelry, inscribed, and engraved items. To each customer, we create new, virginly pure jewelry only. We use new, mined metals only and never offer preowned diamonds or gemstones, even for very attractive prices. We purchase all our diamonds and metals from the major suppliers only. Your jewelry will remain the witness of your personal love story only.
- Resized, exchanged, and upgraded items.


The following items will not be accepted.
- Uninsured shipments. B-Gem is not responsible for the lost or damaged shipment during the return process;
- Packages without Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number;
- Packages shipped beyond RMA active time period. Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number valid for 3 business days from the date of issue;
- Damaged and used items. Items showing obvious signs of wear;
- Improperly packaged items. Returns with missing jewelry, documentation, or any included materials will not be accepted.  Items must be in their original purchase condition, including all product documentation and packing materials;
- Items resized, engraved, or altered in any way by jeweler, other than B-Gem. 


- Once we receive the shipment, for 24 hours, your Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number will be entered into our system; at the same time, you will receive a confirmation email.
During 2 business days, the item passes the Quality Assurance department to confirm the shipment's original condition and be accepted for refund. We will confirm the acceptance by email.
- After the Confirmation of Acceptance is issued, the accounting department will issue a refund for 15 business days.
- International purchases will be refunded in USD according to the exchange rate at the time of purchase.
- PayPal payments will be refunded to the original PayPal account. 
- Cryptocurrency payments in Bitcoin, Etherium, Lightcoin, and….. will be refunded to the original cryptocurrency wallet.
- Payment made with American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Diners will be refunded via company check.
- Bank wires will be refunded via company check as well.

Most Commonly Asked

What if I want to return the order?

We want you to feel safe and confident with your order. We guarantee you a 100% money-back refund for every jewelry we create. We don’t ask any questions. Please pay attention; we are not responsible for the center stone, purchased via B-Gem directly from the Israel Diamond Exchange. The center stone with certificate will be returned to you with FedEx for seven business days, absolutely for free. The settings price will be 100% refunded to you without any restocking fees etc.
Just follow this simple procedure below:
- Call +972548969858 to receive the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number for your order.
- Carefully pack your item with original packing materials and all the documentation, including certificates, appraisal, and invoice. 
- Write your Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number on the shipping box. 
- Ship us your order back to our office at:
Yahalom Bldg. 3 Jabotinsky str. Ramat Gan. Israel.

The package is delivered damaged. What should I do?

If your package is delivered damaged, please refuse the shipment and immediately contact us at +972548969858. Please report us immediately for missing or damaged items. Claims beyond 24 hours of receipt of your order will not be accepted. 

Is shopping with B-Gem secure?

Sure. We can guarantee the highest level of data security. All purchases and all sensitive information is protected with 256-bit Secure Socket Layers encryption. Besides it, our hosting data is monitored and scanned by Sucuri security solutions daily. Our hosting builds the most stable – Top LXC technology platform is daily monitored and backup. Our hosting firewall security is constantly developing. During the last 12 months, more than 800+ WAF rules to fix zero-day vulnerabilities have been written.

How will you fit the color and clarity of side-stones to the central stone I want to choose?

Usually, we want to keep harmony by choosing side-stones according to the center stone color and clarity. It will fit the jewelry the best way. 

What is the lifetime warranty that B-gem offers covers?

We can guarantee the best quality of manufacture and materials. The quality control member scrupulously inspects every item. In any case, if you receive your item and you think that you find some manufacturing defect, we guarantee to fix it and to return it to you totally free. You can also return your item to be inspected, cleaned, and retighten the prongs every year.

What if my ring size estimation wasn’t correct, and I need to resize it?

Don’t worry. We will resize and return your item to you for no cost. We grand to every customer one free resize and shipping during 90 days. Please pay attention that some kinds of settings (like Tension setting) cannot be resized. It has to be melted and remanufactured from the beginning. So it will take more time than regular resize.

How can I be sure that you ship exactly what I have ordered?

First of all, every diamond comes with the original GIA certificate, describing its gemological characteristics. You can also find the GIA laboratory report number laser inscription on the diamond's girdle. Any gemological laboratory can confirm that the diamond you receive fits the attached GIA certificate.

For international orders, will you charge for custom fees?

No. We will ship your order via FedEx for no cost. The custom rules and taxes differ from country to country. For more information, you can contact the carrier or local customs service.

Where do you ship the orders?

We provide free worldwide shipping. Every order is insured for full value and is packed to keep it secured during shipment. The list of shipping destinations can be found here.

What if I need to clean my jewelry, tight the prongs, or request any special care?

We are glad to offer you free cleaning every six months for all jewelry we sell. Every 12 months, you are eligible to request prongs tightening, absolutely free. Just contact us, and we will provide you further instructions.
Even after a few years, if you wish to resize your ring, we will be glad to resize, to repolish, and to plate it with rhodium for a small fee.

How can I determine the correct size for her ring?

You can find all the information here. But even if something went wrong, you can send it for free resize for 60 days. We are ready to cover shipping costs.

Can I get a jewelry appraisal?

For every piece of jewelry valued at $1500 and higher, B-gem provides free GCI gemological centers' appraisal for insurance matters.

I think about a custom design for my jewelry. Can you help me to create it?

Yes, of course. It is our duty to create the item of your dream. Just share your vision with us, send us your drawing, description, or picture from a magazine or the internet. Our designer will create the model, and after your approval, our jewelers will manufacture your personal piece of art. All you need is to contact us this way.

How can I be sure that you send me the diamond that I order?

First of all, every diamond comes with the original GIA certificate, describing its gemological characteristics. You can also find the GIA laboratory report number laser inscription on the diamond's girdle. Any gemological laboratory can confirm that the diamond you receive fits the attached GIA certificate.

Do you offer enhanced or treated diamonds?

We do not offer Laser Drilled, Fracture Filled, KM, and other modifications of clarity treatments.
GIA, IGI, and SSIF laboratories do not issue grading reports for clarity enhanced diamonds.
We offer GIA certified natural diamonds only, so it can guarantee that any treating technic did not enhance your diamond. In case you need a special color-treated diamond, we can find it for you at your request. 

Is it possible to engrave my ring or my diamond with a personal message?

Everything you want. If you wish to personalize your jewelry with your names, words of love, wedding date, promises, or any other personal message, romantic or humorous, we can do it.
We offer you two kinds of engravings:
The first one is a laser engraving on the diamond girdle – it will be visible only by x10 magnification.
The second one is a ring engraving – eye visible engraving on the internal part of the ring.
Laser Inscription, made in a gemological laboratory, costs up to $30 for 20 characters.
Ring engravement made by professional engraver costs up to $75 for 15 characters.
If you believe that a personal message will make your jewelry perfect, we will do it for you for free. We are ready to cover its cost.

What if my item lost during the shipping?

All the items are shipped with DHL, the safest shipping company only. Your item will be insured for 100% of its value. For the list of the countries with insured shipping, press here
For countries not included in the list, no insurance is provided. But we offer DHL shipping and provide you the shipping number to let you track the shipping of your precious item online. Customers from the country included in the list will receive the shipping number for online tracking as well. We require the customer's signature for the delivered item.

Where can I find B–Gem offices?

Our corporate office is located in the heart of the Israel diamond industry – the Diamond Exchange.
We will be glad to meet you in our office at Yahalom building. 
3 Jabotinsky str. Ramat Gan. Israel.

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