Gemstone education 
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Gemstone education

Usually, if you want to become a pro in the gemstones, you have to make a long way of study and practice. To understand the gems, you start studying many things that might seem quite boring: the crystallization systems, MOH, refractive index, birefringence, crystal axes, special gravity, chemical, physical properties, hue, saturation, etc... When you open the gemstones' guide, I believe that the last things you want to see are the terms and definitions needed to be explained and studied. I promised you to make it easier for you to understand so that I will keep my word.

Let's say you want to buy the ruby for your ring, the first thing you do is google it or look for a ruby at eBay or Amazon. Now, what do you see? A lot of rubies starting from few dollars and up to hundreds of thousands $ per carat. I believe your next thought is what the … is going on here??? I know that ruby is a precious stone. How could it cost less than lunch at McDonald's?

$ 3,99
$ 5,00
$ 1,89

Ok. Let's start. How can we determine that the precious stone like ruby, emerald or, sapphire is cheap or expensive? There are 3 things we are looking for:

1.The size. To be correct, the weight in carats. The bigger is the weight - the higher is the price per carat.

$ 800
$ 3000
$ 10000
$ 26000

2.Transparency. Clarity. The more transparent is the gemstone, the higher is the price.

$ 70
$ 550
$ 3000
$ 8000

3.The color. The richer the color, the higher is the price.

$ 150
$ 1000
$ 6000
$ 22000
Precious Gemstones
Semi-Precious Gemstones

In this group, three stones could be more expensive than other gemstones called semi-precious. Instead of the name "semi-precious," those gemstones are considered precious.

Other Semi-Precious Gemstones

In Conclusion

According to tradition, we divide the gemstones into precious and semi-precious ones. As you already know, the "precious" stones can be much cheaper than "semi-precious." So ignore this fact. It's just a­­ tradition. So, let's start with precious gemstones.